About Us

Who We Are

Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC), is an arts based non-profit organization created for the personal growth, empowerment, and education of children in need in Jacmel, Haiti. The ACFFC provides art instruction, tutoring, medical care, daily food and water, and educational expenses for students in the program. ACFFC is a pacifist, apolitical, non-governmental organization with no religious organization affiliations.

 Our Mission

Our mission is to build a passionate community of future leaders, visionaries and dynamic thinkers who are empowered to better their lives and their world through the arts and education in Jacmel, Haiti.

Why It Matters

ACFFC is not a temporary response to an unconquerable problem – we are a dynamic solution. Rather than hand out a temporary fix, we focus on empowering our students with the tools to create their own reality and decide the course of their lives. Armed with autonomy, voice, and education, our students are shaping their own narratives.

The outcome has been nothing short of extraordinary. The impact of our students’ work can be seen all over the city. Our mosaic program has reshaped the face of Jacmel as an artistic hub, and has inspired other artists to contribute. Even the logo for Jacmel now features a mosaic design, influenced by our work beautifying the streets of Jacmel. In 2014, UNESCO declared Jacmel a new member of its Creative Cities Network– something our students are proud to have helped make happen.

ACFFC is unique in Jacmel in its efforts to stay wholly connected with the community. Our students are primarily children and young adults with families in severe poverty – not orphans. By working alongside parents and families and involving them in our mission, we assure that the mission is not lost when our students go home. Little by little, we are changing the way people think, and the reach goes beyond just the students in our program.

Our young adult program is training the next generation of Haitians to be global thinkers. We train our students in marketable skills so that they are prepared for future careers. We’re also working on sustainable business ventures in tourism and art that our alumni can eventually run, which will create jobs and build experience for program participants.

The ACFFC model works. A student in the program whose only ambition was to get pregnant now aspires to be a diplomat. Children in our care who could barely make eye contact at the start now smile and laugh every day. Young adults who had been written off as “street kids” have been the honored guests of diplomats and dignitaries, traveled abroad, and are responsible for reshaping their community. The energy we put into these young people is returned tenfold every time. ACFFC is making a difference!