Mosaic Art

ACFFC youth began their first mosaic project just after the 2010 earthquake, when Laurel True, of True Mosaics Studio, joined with ACFFC to lead a group of our youth in creating a Tree of Life public art installation. The piece emphasized turning broken pieces into a new whole, memorializing lives lost in the 2010 earthquake, and celebrating life. True is now Director of the ACFFC Mosaïque Jacmel program. This was the beginning, and it has brought ACFFC forward as contributory members of the community, changing the landscape of their city.

Supported by commissions from citizens and business owners in Jacmel as well as from Jacmel’s Office of Tourism, encouraged by the Office of Culture and the Mayor, grants from Arcades (E.U. in collaboration with the Haitian Ministry of Culture), the U.S. Embassy and many others, Mosaïque Jacmel was born. This is helping to shape “Destination Jacmel”, intrinsic to the City’s new design and plans for beautification for citizens as well as a tourism experience. It has been a game changer for ACFFC! Our youth are being trained in precision tile setting, mosaic glass techniques which they can now apply as part of our young entrepreneurs transition program Jacmel Mozaik.