photography-imagePhotography started for ACFFC thanks to Zanmi Lakay, in 2004. Jen and Guy Pantaleon, professional photographers, began with began with disposable cameras. Now there is a full program with a team of volunteers giving assignments, doing portfolio reviews, teaching photo editing, computer work and printing. It is now known as Jouk Li Jou Kan, the summer photo program.

This year, a group set up in a Jacmel park, taking portraits of friends, family and neighbors. The images were extraordinary. And at the exhibition reception at Fosaj, everyone was given a copy of their portrait.

Images from this exhibition are also being shown at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre, West Palm Beach FL. Some youth are seeking out fine art photography while others are already being offered assignments in photojournalism and commercial photography.

Diane Smook, photographer from NYC has been out to conduct workshops on specifics (photographing their own art pieces for website and catalog use). And many more. ACFFC has its own youth Photo Team; every event, activity, visitor group is documented.