Students & Staff



Georges Metellus, Executive Director

Georges Metellus joined ACFFC in 2003, volunteering his time while employed by Aid To Artisans. It is 18 years now that he is a part of ACFFC. He is a graduate of Lycee Cinchinhe, Jacaya Institute for English language studies, various programs in computer sciences, has served on the Global Leadership Faculty of the World Studies Institute in Lafayette, LA. He oversees all programs and initiatives, interfaces with public officials and the community as well as donors and volunteers – as well as day to day management of ACFFC. He is responsible for the growth and empowerment of our children/youth and for the wellbeing. Prior employment included Aid To Artisans (USAID), Manager of Fosaj Arts Center, and before that, restaurant and hospitality management.


Resia Cothias, Chef, Manager of Food Services

Resia Cothias began cooking for ACFFC youth in 2003, and she now manages food/housekeeping procurement and staff. She brings education and training in nutrition and food preparation, as well as wellness coming via medicinal fruits and plants indigenous to Haiti. As well as being able to manage a team serving 100+, three meals a day, she is a chef extraordinaire when it comes to gourmet Haitian/Caribbean cuisine. Her responsibilities also include a youth training program in food preparation and hospitality and coordination of dining and entertainment events for ACFFC.