Students & Staff


Michou Jouissant, Mosaic Artist & Photographer

Michou Jouissant was born outside of Port Au Price in 1995. She has been a part of ACFFC since a little girl. Her mother left her with a friend because she could not care for her, and because her new husband did not feel that he should be supporting Michou. When Michou turned 18, that woman turned her out and now Michou lives with two other ACFFC teens, a staff member and her son, along with Seinthia (a baby we adopted after the earthquake who was hydrocephalic and is Downs syndrome, a baby abandoned and left to die at the Jacmel hospital). Michou is a leader at ACFFC, and has learned the concept of independence which she teaches to the younger girls. She is a master mosaic artist and accomplished photographer. And is working on samples with the new Haiti Tourism logo for the Ministry of Tourism.


Josue Jean, Mosaic Artist – Commissioned Projects

Josue Jean was born in Jacmel, Haiti in 1991 and lives with his mother and little nephew. His mother washes clothes, working 2-3 times a month and earns less than $5 a day. In 2005, at age 14, Josue came to ACFFC and started school for the first time. Just after the earthquake, ACFFC began a first mosaic public art installation, Josue shined as a leader, despite his natural modesty and shyness. As the mosaic program grew, Josue not only became a skilled artisan, but also took on more and more leadership and responsibility. He now works on ACFFC commissioned projects and travels with Laurel True, when she has mosaic installations to mount elsewhere in Haiti.


Georges Metellus, Executive Director

Georges Metellus joined ACFFC in 2003, volunteering his time while employed by Aid To Artisans. It is ten years now that he is a part of ACFFC. He is a graduate of Lycee Cinchinhe, Jacaya Institute for English language studies, various programs in computer sciences, has served on the Global Leadership Faculty of the World Studies Institute in Lafayette, LA. He oversees all programs and initiatives, interfaces with public officials and the community as well as donors and volunteers – as well as day to day management of ACFFC. He is responsible for the growth and empowerment of our children/youth and for the wellbeing. Prior employment included Aid To Artisans (USAID), Manager of Fosaj Arts Center, and before that, restaurant and hospitality management.


Resia Cothias, Chef, Manager of Food Services

Resia Cothias began cooking for ACFFC youth in 2003, and she now manages food/housekeeping procurement and staff. She brings education and training in nutrition and food preparation, as well as wellness coming via medicinal fruits and plants indigenous to Haiti. As well as being able to manage a team serving 100+, three meals a day, she is a chef extraordinaire when it comes to gourmet Haitian/Caribbean cuisine. Her responsibilities also include a youth training program in food preparation and hospitality and coordination of dining and entertainment events for ACFFC.



Annie-Rose Carmel Lessage, Administrative Assistant

Annie has recently joined ACFFC, completed her studies at Insitution du Bon Pasteur in Jacmel and Universite Notre Dame d:Haiti, in Economic, Social and Political Sciences. Faculte of Social Sciences. She spent one year as a student in the U.S. at the ELI (English Language Institute, Springfield Missouri and six months at MSU (Missouri State University) with classes in Public Speaking, Business and Amerian Studies. Her prior employment includes an internship in financial services, sales and office management.




Gerard Dume, Teaching Artist, Papier Mache

Gerard Dume is a master papier mache artist and member of ADASE artisans cooperative. He is an ACFFC staff member, working with the youngest of our youth on the basic methods of traditional Haitian papier mache. He works with our Papier Mache team in designing new products, as well as in complex mold making and execution. His works are on display in craft and artisan exhibitions internationally, most recently the New Orleans Jazz Fest and the annual Santa Fe Folk Art Festival.