Cadet (left) is another of the group who came to ACFFC after the earthquake. We had to expand because of need. She is 10 years old and her sister Gizlene Rigaud is also at ACFFC. Their mother found her way to ACFFC before we moved back into our building after the earthquake, and were camped as a group outdoors.

When Georges went to meet her mother, he found that the girls had almost no clothing, no shoes, and there was no food in the house. Both fathers are long gone and their mother has no work so there is nothing she can do to help them. They were eating once a day, sometimes not at all.

Cadet loves ACFFC, loves school, and loves to be in her school uniform. She is joyful and fun. She likes to play with her friends and one day I heard them pretending they were grown up and asking each other what kind of jobs they had … one said, oh,’I work at ACFFC’, another said ‘I am working for the government and helping people get food’, and the third said ‘I am a teacher.’ So Cadet and her friends can see their future and how amazing is that!

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