Tico and Tony


On the left is “Tico”, Jamieson Jeanty his real name. Tony Tervil is on the right. Tico is 14 and Tony is 13.  They have been inseparable since they entered ACFFC

Tico has been with us since 2007 and is not only an incredible painter but also extremely articulate in explaining what it is he shows in his paintings and why. He is never without a sketchbook, never! Tony joined us after the earthquake and quickly became very adept at papier mache, mosaic, and being a part of the group.

Tony is a superstar, not only artistically talented but also incredibly professional and industrious.  Tony is frequently given opportunities that others his age would not be given, he is a unique young man.   He gives 100% to everything he is involved in and will be one of the first to volunteer when there is a need.

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